Sunday, 20 March 2016

Conclusions and Thoughts

First I'd like to thank Kevin for organization  this amazing trip.. I like to thank everyone who made this trip a success for me. Whether  it was help on trail, helping me with my bike or just encouragement.. This is a hard trip.
The rides are not always as they are described. Due to weather, floods, hurricanes or whatever and a rider cannot let this ruin the day.
We had some incidents

  1. Numerous flats
  2. Bike engine failures
  3. Some crashes
  4. Trailer failures
One of the biggest challenges of the trip is the melding of the personalities of 24 people. Some are complete strangers, some acquaintances and some lifelong friends. It is interesting to see the team evolve. Some people are like glue and can hold the group with not even knowing that they have that effect on people. When adversary hits ( and it will ) people rise to the challenge

THANK TO ALL .            SO THIS IS BAJA!!!!


Bahia de Los Angeles to San Felipe

wow what a day.. SINGLE TRACK. Well I was going to opt out of the single track as I'm riding a bigger bik and I was not sure if I could manage it because I haven't practiced on it. My team talked me into it and I am so glad I went. Starts with 14 miles or so of pavement and then out on a flat sand bed and not some sand dirt roads. . Not at all as difficult as I have done. Then we final hit the single track and it was super ,some sweeping turns, some drop downs ,some very technical up hills and tight stuff and lots of cacti.  This is called the Window Rock Trail.

San Ignacio to Bahia de Los Angeles

Another wonderful day in paradise. Stars with 49 miles of pavement and the 62 mile is sand gravel roads as we cross from Baja Sur to Baja north. Between the pavement and the town of El Arco was a fairly long sand wash that I had quite a bit of trouble with. The trick is to get up on top of the sand and go quite quickly if not fast. Well fast means to me a harder fall as I've not yet mastered this talent. I did get through it . From  the end of the 62 mile there is an in and out ride to Punte San Franisquito. This was at one time a resort and was wiped out by a hurricane. Lovely spot for a beer and a swim.
Sorry no pics of swimming .

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Santa Rosalia to San Ignacio

45 mile pavement day. Whale watching or cave paintings or a nap.i am resting so hope to have whale picture when they get back. I am very tried and my left hand is numbish. almost as many church's as Spain

Villa constucion to San ignacio

238 mile. Nice dirt roads through little villages and ranches. Also 20 miles of a sand road straight through the Baja desert. It is very interesting as you will be riding along a rock or gravel road and you won't see a soul and the there will be a school or some palm trees and a village. Everyone I've met is nice. Had a nice casadia at San Javiar mission . After the mission we had 138 miles of pavement through Loreto to Santa Rosalia.

La Paz to Villa Costitusion

Another 60 miles along the coast line of the Sea of Cortez . Great views and some technical stuff mixed with gravel roads. Next we took a 34 mile short cut over a mountain range and the gravel roads into Villa Constituion.

Mission San Louis Gonzaga

More pics later

Cabo San Lucis to La Paz

My favourite ride so far. 30 miles Of pavement then dirt roads along the Baja riviera . Nice homes and quaint little cafe/bars , snorkelling shop as and surfing shops. About 30 wonderful mile. we had another 30 mile of technical rocky rode that hugs the coast. Blue water from the sea of Cortz. Absolutely fantastico.